What is a “DMC”

What is a “DMC”?

A destination management company – or DMC – manages a range of products and services at various travel destinations. These are the companies that make travel experiences happen – from cruises to coach tours. In general, DMCs are usually small organisations based in the local area. Being on the ground at a destination for years, these companies bring crucial experience and knowledge of the local area to international partners, allowing them to gain the insight needed to create relevant products.

What services can a DMC provide me with? 

A DMC can provide travel companies with anything clients need while on holiday, including airport pickups and transfers, accommodation bookings, vehicle rental, and even catering or event management. DMCs are also a great way to provide travel experiences that might require specialized equipment or skills, like coach tours, flotilla holidays or safaris. If you’re looking to provide a really unique experience, such as bungee jumping, rainforest hikes or exclusive entry to local sights, the easiest way to provide it is by going through a DMC.

Who should hire a DMC?

International travel agents or companies that are aiming to build travel products with inclusive services will hugely benefit from working with a DMC. A DMC can help to fill in any logistical gaps in your travel packages, helping you to pull all the pieces together and create a cohesive package. A DMC can offer great insight into the most successful travel experiences in the region, so they’re a great tool for the innovator looking to build something new for the market; those creating bespoke travel packages for an exclusive clientele, and those planning more complex itineraries.