What would a company gain by organising corporate events and outsourcing local professionals? 

There are major benefits to working with a destination management company. DMCs are experts in the local area and specialists in the particular services that they offer. They take the stress off of travel companies who can rely on the experts to help them deliver the best travel experiences to their clients. Working with a DMC allows companies to confidently book any experience around the world, knowing that it will be delivered safely and to a high standard.

Being local experts, DMCs can provide localised knowledge and the best travel tips for their region. They’ll be able to provide guidance on which caterers, transportations services, hotels, and other facilities will provide the best service within the available budget; cultural norms and expectations; reasonable prices versus when prices are being hiked up, or unnecessary extras are being added to a bill, and where to find the best entertainment, freshest food, most helpful staff, and best travel routes. In short, a DMC can provide an experience that only a local could. As a travel company, this expert guidance will aid in creating better travel experiences that are more likely to do well in a competitive market.

Perhaps most valuably, given their line of work, many DMCs have garnered a variety of partners and can offer a huge range of different services. This means that they can act as your one-stop shop for all your travel package needs. 

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